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7th Year of Support

Thank you Turkey To Go!! “A long-standing tradition at the Minnesota State Fair MTGA is proud to announce that a portion of every sale at Turkey To Go will be donated to Hunger Solutions Minnesota, an organization dedicated to ending hunger. This is the seventh straight year of continuing this tradition of giving back.”

Why Hungry Seniors Aren’t Getting Enough To Eat

Why Hungry Seniors Aren’t Getting Enough To Eat: from NPR Malnourished seniors may be forgotten until they show up in the emergency room, often for another reason like an injury. Ted Gough/Willowpix/iStockphoto When we picture hungry Americans, we may see the faces of children, or single moms. But many of the people who struggle to […]

The changing face of hunger in Minnesota

from Molly Priesmeyer Earlier this week, during National Night Out, I took my dog for a walk through the mazes of bouncy castles and water guns and smoking BBQ pits. We were wandering interlopers. Gathering snapshots of the blocks and communities that surround us. A woman came over with her kids and asked if she […]

Minnesota free summer meals program expands sites by almost 50

By Christopher Magan There’s a new sign on the doors to Stillwater Junior High School inviting hungry students and their families inside for “Free Summer Meals.” In the cafeteria, manager Sheryl Johnson oversees the typical lunchtime crowd of students in district summer programs and children in day care. There also are a growing number […]

Our Opinion: Pay it forward to food shelves

One of the latest good fads has been to buy another person’s food, either in line at the checkout of a grocery store or in line at a drive-through of a fast-food restaurant. Typically, the person in front buys the food for the person behind them. It is part of the “paying it forward” concept […]

Solving Hunger: Finding Those Who Need Help

From our partners at AARP Minnesota During her year working for AARP Minnesota, Lynne McMullen learned that hunger can appear in unexpected ways: “Senior hunger is often an invisible problem. Hunger can look like obesity because you don’t have the money to eat healthy food.” McMullen joined the AARP Foundation Drive to End Hunger ( […]

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