What is SNAP Rx?

SNAP Rx is a program of Hunger Solutions Minnesota that strengthens the connection between health care and hunger relief organizations. Clinics use the Hunger Vital Sign screening tool to screen their patients for food insecurity during routine care. Patients who screen positive for food insecurity are referred to the Minnesota Food HelpLine and connected with food resources in their local community. The HelpLine connects people with places like their local food shelf and programs like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

A simple way to boost clinic outcomes

Addressing food insecurity in the clinic has been shown to decrease readmission rates and improve patient experience. SNAP participants do not have to decide between paying for medication and paying for food and can afford to take their medication with food as directed. SNAP Rx helps clinics leverage the expertise of the Minnesota Food HelpLine to connect patients with all available food resources. Clinics stay focused on providing patient care while the HelpLine connects patients with food resources to address their underlying hunger.

Want to provide SNAP Rx in your clinic?

Contact Nicole Bailey at Hunger Solutions to get started. We will:

  1. Train your social workers and staff about food insecurity and SNAP Rx.
  2. Provide you with HelpLine materials to display in public spaces.
  3. Assist you in implementing the Hunger Vital Sign 2-question food insecurity screening with all patients.

Easy ways to help!

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