Solving hunger in Minnesota requires a two-part approach — directly connecting hungry Minnesotans with food resources AND long-term advocacy. Our core programs connect hungry residents with resources to put food on the table today while also helping to find long-term solutions to hunger.

We support Minnesota’s food shelves and connect them with resources to serve their clients. We manage the Market Bucks program that helps SNAP customers double their buying power at farmers markets. And through the Minnesota Food HelpLine we help connect hungry Minnesotans with resources like SNAP, food shelves, farmers markets, meal programs, and discount grocery programs.

9,000 people a day seeking food assistance.

Minnesota is a leader in agriculture. Yet every day in Minnesota, over 9,000 people visit a food shelf to get help meeting their daily food needs. Let’s work together to advance solutions that tackle hunger on a large scale. Become an advocate today.


Each dollar helps struggling Minnesotans. Your support helps parents with children, seniors, and working adults.