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State-level Action

End school lunch shaming in Minnesota

Minnesota became a leader in addressing the issue of school lunch shaming when it passed legislation to ensure that reminders about lunch payments do not stigmatize or demean students who participate in the free school meals program. Yet some students who are unable to pay are still denied access to the same nutritious lunch given to other students. They are instead given a substitute meal like a cheese sandwich. We support closing the loophole in state law that allows this to happen.


Federal Action

Tell your Congressperson to oppose cuts to SNAP

The tax cuts passed by Congress late last year set up a battle over cuts to critical programs that help low-income Americans, including the SNAP program. A cut to SNAP would shift much of the program to already-stressed state budgets, likely reducing the amount of help available to our neighbors in need. The effects will be devastating for the millions of Americans–and 476,000 Minnesotans–who participate in SNAP.

Email and call your representatives TODAY and tell them to oppose the budget resolution and cuts to the SNAP program. Don’t let Congress use SNAP as an ATM to pay for tax cuts!


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