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Food shelf visits up in 2016

By most indicators, Minnesota is a prosperous state. Our unemployment and poverty rates are among the lowest in the country and per capita income and homeownership are among the highest in the country. Yet many Minnesotans struggle to make ends meet.

For many households, one car repair or one health emergency can throw their budget into turmoil. Households don’t have much control over fixed monthly expenses like the mortgage or rent or utility bills. When things get tight, one of the first budget items cut is food. Individuals and families turn to food shelves for help making it through the month.

Adults, children, and seniors made 3,327,388 visits to food shelves in 2016. Since the recession, reaching over 3 million food shelf visits in a year has become the new normal for the emergency food system. 2016 marks the 6th consecutive year with over 3 million visits.

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