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Tell the Trump Administration “No cuts to SNAP”

SNAP is under attack – again.

Earlier this week, the Trump administration announced proposed rule changes that would have drastic consequences for low-income Minnesotans who participate in SNAP. If the proposed rule change goes into effect, it would kick at least 35,000 low-income Minnesotans off of SNAP – leaving them without the resources to feed their families.
Who would be hurt

Under this rule, nearly 35,500 Minnesotans earning between 130 and 165 % of the Federal Poverty Guideline would lose their SNAP benefits including:

  • 18,000 children with low-wage working parents in Minnesota,
  • 8,800 parents,
  • 3,200 seniors,
  • 2,900 adults with disabilities,
  • 2,600 other adults.

This rule will exacerbate poverty and hunger for working families as they struggle to balance the need for food with the costs of housing, healthcare and childcare. It will take healthy food off the tables of children not only at home, but also at school as their access to school meals is removed.

The change would penalize households with even a modest savings as they become subject to asset limits as low as $2,250. Particularly for seniors and people with disabilities living on fixed incomes, this creates a precarious situation as they are forced to choose between immediate food needs or savings for future unforeseen events such as an illness, a home or car repair, or housing emergency.

In addition to those directly impacted, the backbone of Minnesota’s economy will be damaged as grocers and agriculture producers lose economic activity spurred by SNAP dollars.
What to do about it

Before the rule can be finalized, it must go through a 60-day comment period. Submit a comment and let them know how this would impact you, your neighbors, and the people you work with.

Let the Trump Administration know that the proposed rule would increase hunger and poverty in this country, especially for working families with children whose net incomes are below the poverty line, and families and seniors with even a small amount of savings who would be kicked off of SNAP.

Our partners at FRAC have put together an easy tool to submit comments.

Let us know if you need help crafting your comments. Contact Leah Gardner ( or Peter Woitock (

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