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Hunger-relief leaders take a stand against the Trump administration’s proposed SNAP cuts

The Trump administration wants to tighten the rules governing who qualifies for food assistance, which could end up stripping more than 3 million people, including countless Minnesotans, of much-needed food assistance benefits. The new rule looks to end automatic Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, also known as food stamps) eligibility for people with slightly higher incomes who receive federal and state aid.

Currently, 43 U.S. states, including Minnesota, allow residents to automatically become eligible for food assistance through SNAP if they already receive federal and state aid. Preserving federal assistance programs like SNAP—for the 1 in 11 people in our community already struggling to fill their cupboards—is critical. These families are often one health scare or major home repair away from going hungry—because food is usually the first thing to go when bills need to be paid, leaving children at risk. These people are our friends, coworkers, neighbors and classmates.

Hunger-relief leaders believe changes to SNAP disproportionately impact low-income working families, older Americans, people with disabilities and children, who could lose direct access to free school meals.


Sue Estee
Executive Director, Second Harvest North Central Food Bank

Virginia Merritt
Executive Director, Channel One Regional Food Bank

Colleen Moriarty
Executive Director, Hunger Solutions

Shaye Moris
Executive Director, Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank

Allison O’Toole
CEO, Second Harvest Heartland

Melissa Sobolik
Great Plains Food Bank, Director of Ending Hunger 2.0

Lori Thorpe
Executive Director, The Food Group

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