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Market Bucks FAQs for customers



What is Market Bucks?

Market Bucks is a program to double your SNAP-EBT purchases up to $10 at farmers markets that participate.

What is SNAP-EBT?

SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a federal food assistance program. Benefits are placed on an electronic benefits transfer card (EBT) similar to a debit card. To find out if you qualify for SNAP, call the Minnesota Food HelpLine at 1-888-711-1151 or visit for more information.

What do I need to bring to get Market Bucks?

All you need is your Minnesota SNAP-EBT card.

Do I have to sign up for Market Bucks?

No, all you need is to take your SNAP-EBT card to a participating farmers market during their open hours.

Do I have to spend my own SNAP-EBT in order to get Market Bucks?

Yes. Market Bucks match the amount of SNAP-EBT you spend dollar-for-dollar, up to $10. So if you spend $6 on your EBT card, you get $6 extra Market Bucks. If you spend $12 on your EBT card, you can only get up to $10 in Market Bucks.

Do I have to spend all of the Market Bucks and tokens at one time?

No. You can use the tokens at the same farmers market any day they are open. You can also use Market Bucks at any participating market any time before they expire.

Can I use Market Bucks every week?

Yes. You can spend your EBT dollars at farmers markets and get the matched Market Bucks (up to $10) each day you visit.

Do Market Bucks expire?

Yes, Market Bucks expire at the end of the farmers market season on Oct. 31. Winter Market Bucks expire at the end of the winter farmers market season on April 30.

Where do I find a farmers market taking Market Bucks? How do I find out if my market participates in Market Bucks?

There are a few ways to find a participating farmers market. You can:

  1. Call the Minnesota Food HelpLine at 1-888-711-1151.
  2. Find a market on the map
  3. Download the market location brochure.

I got a postcard in the mail with a gift certificate for Market Bucks, what do I do with it?

Take it to the info/EBT booth at your participating farmers market. They will exchange it for $5 in Market Bucks for you to spend at the market. You don’t have to spend any of your SNAP-EBT money to use the gift certificate.

How do I get a gift certificate for Market Bucks?

The $5 gift certificates will be mailed in mid-august to SNAP households who are near participating markets. Some community groups may have a few certificates to distribute to people they work with such as nutrition educators or food shelves.

What is a farmers market?

A farmers market is a food market where farmers sell their products directly to customers. Most markets arte open once a week from May to October. Some markets are open multiple days.

What do farmers markets sell?

Farmers markets vary based on the farmers participating in the market. Most have fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Some have dairy, eggs, meat, baked goods, and jams and pickles. Early in the farmers market season, they may have seeds or plants for sale so you can grow your own produce at home.

What can I buy with Market Bucks?

You can buy any SNAP-eligible food available at the farmers market. These include fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey, jams, jellies, pickles, baked goods, and seeds and plants that produce food.

Why are you doing this?

By helping SNAP-EBT users stretch their dollars at the farmers market, we’re helping make sure everyone has access to fresh, healthy, local food.

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