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President’s budget proposal would destroy safety net for half-a-million Minnesotans

St. Paul, Minn – Earlier today, the president released his FY 2018 budget which includes an attack on SNAP—the most important nutrition program for millions of poor and vulnerable Americans – including nearly 500,000 Minnesotans.

The budget proposes $193 billion in cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps) over the next 10 years. These cuts slash SNAP by an unprecedented 25 percent and dismantle a proven and effective program that provides a path out of poverty, and leads to improved diet, learning, productivity, and health.

“These proposed cuts to SNAP are devastating and immoral. They would overwhelm the already stretched emergency food system in Minnesota and leave thousands of residents without access to food which is a basic need,” says Colleen Moriarty, executive director of Hunger Solutions Minnesota.

While Minnesota’s economy is stronger than during the recession, hundreds of thousands of low-income residents have been left out of the recovery. To be eligible for SNAP, a family of four must have an income of below $3,342 a month or $40,104 per year. Many families on SNAP are working, but low wage jobs and limited hours make it difficult to make ends meet.

As a nationally recognized anti-hunger advocacy organization, Hunger Solutions knows all too well what cuts to SNAP mean for low-income Minnesotans. These cuts would leave thousands of children, seniors, and disabled Minnesotans without the food they need to lead healthy, productive lives.

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