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Hunger Action Month

September is Hunger Action Month. Advocates and volunteers use the month of September to raise awareness of hunger in our communities.

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When families worry that the food they have will run out before they have enough money to buy more or skip meals to eat less than they should in order to stretch their food budget, they are food insecure.

It’s hard to concentrate in the classroom when you are focused on the hunger pangs in your stomach. Kids in low-income and poor families may be eligible for free or reduced price breakfast and lunch at school. If we rounded up all of the kids eligible for school meals in the state and put them in one location, they’d be bigger than the city of St. Paul.

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Adults, children, and seniors made 3,281,389 visits to food shelves in 2015 – that’s 6 visits every minute, year round. Since the recession, 3 million visits in a year has become the new normal for food shelves. 2015 marked the 5th consecutive year with over 3 million visits.

Food shelves, meal programs, and public policies work together to end hunger. But we need your help to make sure that these programs stay strong. We know that hunger is solvable problem in Minnesota – join us in making it a reality by signing up to be part of the Voice of Hunger Network and become an advocate for strong programs and policies that feed hungry Minnesotans.

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