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Minnesota Caucuses March 1

vote here signThe presidential campaign is heating up in Minnesota.  Candidates have hit the airwaves and making visits to communities across the state.  Minnesota will hold its precinct caucuses on March 1, Super Tuesday.  It doesn’t matter which party’s caucus you attend or candidate you support, the important thing is going out and getting involved in the process.  You can find your local caucus site on the Secretary of State’s website. This election cycle there hasn’t been much buzz about hunger in our communities.  We’ve developed sample resolution language that you can introduce at your precinct caucus.  All you have to do is print it out, complete the resolution form provided by your respective party (DFL | GOP), and introduce it at your local caucus.

“Whereas, one in every 10 Minnesotans struggles with hunger; and,

Whereas, Minnesotans made over 3 million visits to food shelves in 2015; and,

Whereas, one in three visits to food shelves are by children and more than one in three children receives free and reduced meals at school; and,

Whereas, the fastest growing group of people using food shelves are seniors,

Therefore, be it resolved that the _________ Party supports ensuring that Minnesota’s hunger relief network has the resources it needs to meet the need of hungry adults, children, and seniors in our communities.”

Need more info on the caucus?  Both the DFL and Republican parties have caucus info on their websites.

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