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New Congressional budget proposals converts food stamps into a block grant



Hunger Solutions Minnesota is opposed to the plan to convert SNAP to a block grant.  SNAP is the most effective response to hunger and it is designed to respond to the economy.  Even with our improved economy, many Minnesotans still work at jobs that keep them at poverty levels. 500,000 Minnesotans rely upon SNAP to put food on the table.

SNAP works in Minnesota and we do not accept the House proposal that will damage an excellent and responsive program that helps our most vulnerable citizens: seniors, children and low income families.

Block granted programs mean that states would receive lump sum funding from the federal government. States could choose to use the funds for programs other than nutrition support.  That approach makes it easier to cut these programs without saying how many people would be dropped or how their benefits would be cut. Funding would also be limited and not sufficient in recessions.

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