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Mazon Back to School Celebration

62,000 additional students to receive free lunch in Minnesota in new school year

We are so proud to be a part of the success and honored to celebrate this amazing feat!

Bi-partisan, inter-faith celebration at Adath Jeshurun Congregation

Bi-partisan, inter-faith celebration at Adath Jeshurun Congregation

A new school year has begun in Minnesota. And thousands of children from low income families now receive a free hot lunch at school, without having to make a co-payment and without the fear of being turned away if they haven’t paid. 


Panel discusses value of grass roots advocacy

The measure will also prevent schools from using methods that shame or stigmatize children as a way to remind parents to put money in their cafeteria accounts.

This is happening because hundreds of anti-hunger activists got involved and helped to create the political will to end hunger in Minnesota by convincing our state legislature to fund the school lunch program for low income families.

You can get involved too by joining our Voice of Hunger Advocates Network!

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