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farm bill split hurts poor people

Hunger Solutions Minnesota is deeply disappointed in the Farm Bill just passed by the US House that does not include a nutrition title/Food Stamps

It is unfortunate that the United States House broke long-standing, bi-partisan tradition and passed a partial Farm Bill. The nutrition title and food stamps were not included, and the path that the House majority leadership is pursuing is one that does not bode well forSNAP in the House.

Over the past year, the House majority leadership has used every opportunity to try to cut and weaken SNAP. We consider this a direct assault on low income seniors, working families and children that rely upon SNAP for nourishment. Food Stamps are the most effective defense against food insecurity in our country and in Minnesota.

Well over 500,000 low income people are enrolled.

Hunger Solutions Minnesota is pleased that the majority of the Minnesota delegation voted against this harmful bill. We will work with our two Senators and continue to work towards a Farm Bill that protects SNAP and Minnesota’s children, seniors, and working families.

No Votes: Representatives Peterson, Nolan, Walz, McCollum, and Ellison

Yes Votes: Representatives Paulsen, Bachmann, and Kline

Hunger Solutions Minnesota will stand for the thousands of families that struggle with hunger because of poverty. These vulnerable citizens are trying to put food on the table while negotiating in a jobless or low paying economic recovery.

We encourage Minnesotans to get in contact with their Member of Congress and with Senators Klobuchar and Franken to express their disappointment in the House vote and to encourage the Senators to vote for a Farm Bill with a robust nutrition title that includes a sound SNAP program.


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